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Specialized in covering soft and technical skills, our training workshops employ innovative, customized and thought-provoking methods. ACE training workshops and consultancy projects are tailored to cover different customers’ needs.









Our customer centric approach focuses on customers’ internal workplace culture and environment and thus ensures a positive experience and customers’ future business growth.

ACE Training & Workshop Approach

American Consulting Experts follows the Theo-practical Approach, which is a unique ‘Interactive Learning Experience’ approach where there is an absolute minimum of “formal” lecturing.

Since we believe that most of the “solutions” to the subjects involved, should be within each group of delegates and should be found through experience, logic, learning or common sense, our role becomes to:

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    Extract these “solutions” from the group through participation and exercises.

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    Help develop, re-order and add to these “solutions” so that they are relevant to your business and business goals.

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    Ensure that the “solutions” are practiced so that they can be immediately implemented in the work field, with confidence and trust.

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    Facilitate clear objectives and methodology to transfer the new attitude and skills into the workplace – Strategic Development

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    Agree with you how the training can best be evaluated – in the short and long term.


Instructor-led classroom training

This method features a subject matter expert or training manager and a lecture-style presentation. It allows for a lot of personal interaction and ensures that everyone attends and actively participates in the training sessions.


Interactive training

Interactive training puts a spin on ‘Classroom-style’ training. This training method combines instructor-led training and lectures with group activities, workshops, and role play scenarios.

For the list of workshops we provide, please click here.

Efficient communication is at the basis of any successful company, hence the need to have certified employees who master oral and written communication skills (memorandums, emails, letters, and other documents). Our engaging, ground-breaking, and thought-provoking programs ensure the mastery of such skills. With our wide range of communication and writing skills topics, your business will surely achieve such crucial skills.


Throughout this workshop, you will learn how to manage and disseminate information – on an individual or organizational level (such as a business, government agency, or a nonprofit organization) – to the public in order to affect their public perception.


Our Customer Service Workshop is a hands-on workshop designed to improve your employees’ ability to interact with customers and coworkers. Your service representatives, receptionists, technical support representatives, field service technicians, sales engineers, shopkeepers, waiters, etc…, all can benefit from this practical workshop.


Our varied functional IT and cybersecurity workshop covers a wide range of topics to help you dive into material and get proactive experience that will assist in reducing your organizations' risk of hack or data breaches.


Our Planning & Strategy Management workshop covers a wide range of practical topics that will help you learn how to formulate and implement the major goals and initiatives that should be taken by any organization's managers on behalf of stakeholders.


Our Project Management Workshop is geared towards providing practical experience on how to employ the best-practice tools and techniques to successfully plan and manage projects that will achieve clients’ satisfaction. This training program is designed for businesses who are seeking to develop an understanding of the value of project management.


This workshop will help you address the complex external and internal influences of businesses that need to ensure a balance between governance, risk management and compliance. Throughout our training programs, our experts will help you accomplish several goals such as avoiding violations by employees that could lead to legal liability, creating a more hospitable workplace, and laying the groundwork for a defense in the event that employees wrongdoing occurs.


This workshop is particularly designed to provide trainees with a comprehensive overview of how to build a successful SME-Banking strategy and how to increase the performance of their corporate.



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