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About Us

Who We Are

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About Us

Who We Are

Established in 2009 by Dr. Ali Soueidan –lecturer for more than 10 years at AUB and LAU, Lebanon – American Consulting Experts (ACE) is one of the leading training and consultancy companies in the Middle East. After establishing its headquarters in Houston-Texas, ACE has expanded its offices to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Lebanon.






Corporate Training

Specialized in covering soft and technical skills, our training workshops employ innovative, customized and thought-provoking methods. ACE training workshops and consultancy projects are tailored to cover different customers’ needs.


“In just three days, we witnessed a remarkable transformation within ourselves, equipped with newfound confidence and refined skills.”
Sumanh Alsaeed
NEOM Grow program
“Special thanks to American Consulting Experts (ACE) for their intensive training. They didn't just teach me advanced public presentation skills; they helped me discover the strength within, unleashing the 'alpha' in me, and for that, I am grateful.”
Salman Arab
NEOM Grow program
“I would highly recommend this course by American Consulting Experts (ACE) as it was one of the best practical training that could help you strengthen your abilities and take it to another level to perform High-level analysis, Reporting, and Developing automated Dashboards that help you in your business.”
Faisal AlQahtani
“Truly greatful for this experience and its contribution to our personal growth and development.”
Lama AlQahtani
STC TIP program
“I had a wonderful experience participating in ‘Financial Control and Audit’ workshop. The workshop was extremely fruitful, informative, and engaging simultaneously.”
Sara Almousa
STC Channels
It was an incredible learning experience. I can’t wait to apply the new skills and knowledge to enhance my career and contribute more effectively to my field.”
Alhanouf Alnafia
STC TIP program
“I’m immensely grateful for this learning experience and looking forward to apply the knowledge gained in my professional life.”
Sara Alessa
STC TIP program
“I entered the "Impactful Presentation" course expecting a typical mandatory corporate development course, but I was pleasantly surprised. ACE had a remarkable way of bringing out our best, fostering strong team bonds. It was truly a transformative experience.”
Joori Almarzouki
“I’m happy to share that I obtained these meaningful certificates and gained new skills, more happy to even got the chance to meet a wonderful team who presented amazing content. Thank you SDAIA | سدايا for providing the chance and thank you American Consulting Experts (ACE) and Allan Soueidan for the amazing trip.”
Ghadeer Aljuaied
“It was a wonderful workshop of Risk and Compliance provided by American Consulting Experts (ACE) last week. I would like to give my gratitude to the trainer for the meaningful class, it was an excellent delivery of the material which improved our knowledge of risks.”
Abdullah AlMatar
“Following an incredibly rewarding three-day workshop on Management of Change, I extend my appreciation to our Training and Development team at Saudi Investment Recycling Company (SIRC) for always ensuring we receive the best of the best. ”
Mohammed Alnazyan
“Recap from last week Risk & Compliance course was rich in content, and comprehensive by acquiring the necessary knowledge to understand how to identify risks and mitigate their impacts. I would like to thank the best trainer from American Consulting Experts (ACE) for his great skills in engaging the audience, many thanks to GIB learning & development team for arranging such an excellent program!”
Nadin Alsaikhan
“Excited to share that I recently earned a leadership and management workshop certificate! It was an incredible learning journey from American Consulting Experts (ACE) by an amazing speaker that expanded my knowledge and boosted my skills in leadership.”
Abdulaziz Almutairi
“Thrilled to announce that I've successfully completed The Impact Master Program! Not only did I gain invaluable knowledge, but I'm also honored to have received the 'Best Presenter' award. A heartfelt thank you to the mentor and peers who inspired me along this journey. ”
Yousef Al-Yarboua