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Alinma Bank – For
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Posted On: February 20, 2023

ACE is proud to be providing training to one of Saudi Arabia's largest financial institutions and most eminent Shariah-compliant financial organizations.


Ace is providing a three-dimensional training program tailored to the needs of Alinma's Bank employees. The training program includes:

1. A data analytics program entitled DAVE (Data Analysis and Visualization Using Excel) which aims at equipping the trainees with the skills needed to analyze data through Excel.

2. A soft and technical skills training program customized to branch managers and branch employees and which revolves around helping the employees acquire:

  • management and leadership skills,

  • technical skills to understand the banking industry and to improve the business.

3. A soft skills training program entitled Happiness at Work - "نماء و إنماء" - which aims at training the employees to acquire the skills needed to increase positive corporate attitude, achieve happiness and gratitude, and spread positive vibes within the different departments and the organization as a whole.