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STC- Shaping Future Leaders and
Empowering Current
Market Leaders

Posted On: January 15, 2023


Being one of the Middle East pioneers in ICT (information and communications technology), STC strives to ensure its employees’ professional well-being, continuous high performance, and utmost professionalism. Hence, STC closely collaborates with ACE to provide ongoing state of the art training programs that are tailored to meet the needs of the various sectors of the organization and of fresh graduates.

STC benefits from two major programs: TIP (Talent Incubation Program) and Sectorial Program.

1. TIP
which extends over a period of six months to one year – offers fresh graduates customized trainings to enable them to acquire the skills that would forge them into future leaders within a short period of time.
The starting point of TIP program are soft skills trainings. Right after acquiring soft skills, fresh graduates follow technical skills trainings respective to their sectors: HR, Finance, Logistics, Procurement, Digital Marketing, Business Development, Virtual Sales, Contract Management, and Product Management.

2. Sectorial Program
This program is personalized to each sector ( Finance, Management, HR and Marketing) of STC. Each sector follows trainings that coincide with their particular requirements.